This collection was inspired by a trip I took shortly after finishing my cancer treatments. For one week I paddled through the magnificent waters of Lake Superior in a large voyageur canoe filled with young cancer survivors like myself from all over Canada. It was halfway through the week when we encountered some rough water and the waves began to crash over the sides, soaking our belongings, and slowly filling the bottom of our boat with water. Initially I was a bit panicked not knowing what we were going to do had the boat capsized. 


I sat at the front of the boat seeing only water before us and giant waves coming at us in full force. In-sync and with drive we dug our paddles deep into the water. In an instant my mood changed from panic to a feeling of determination as I looked behind me and saw a group of amazing people from all different walks of life, and yet somehow, we ended up in this boat together. I realized that I wasn't alone in my experiences that I faced in cancer. I realized that each one of them has faced the same giant wave that came crashing down on me. This realization heavily shaped me and my love for the water and everything it symbolizes in my life.

Now, every time I find myself at the water’s edge on a gusty day, I close my eyes and listen to the waves roll and I think of Lake Superior. 


I hope you like this collection of seascapes that I painted and find one that speaks to you!