I would love

to work with you!

YES I do commissions!


I really enjoy working with clients to capture a special moment, memory or feeling in a custom painting! 

I specialize in painting florals, seascapes and love to play with colour. My style of painting almost always includes negative space and simplistic backgrounds that really creates contrast and makes the subject matter POP!

I work with clients step by step to make sure their vision comes to life! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of the most frequent questions I get regarding the process. Still have a few Q's that aren't answered here? Shoot me an email.

Do you paint animals or do portraits?


There are so many great artists out there who do portraits, but that's not something I paint. Please take a look at my collection releases or Instagram account to get a sense of my painting style. 



How do I figure out what size painting I need?

The best way to figure out what size of painting you want to commission is to first figure out where you wish to hang your finished painting. To find the ideal sized painting for that space use a tape measure and layout the dimensions of the painting you're considering with painters tape. I'm happy to provide some feedback on the size if you send along the photos. 



Will you create an initial sketch of the commission for me?


No. My process is quite intuitive, therefore creating a sketch to adhere to doesn't allow me to do my best work. Before starting a painting, we chat about important details to include in the piece, the overall composition, colours and other paintings of mine that you like. All of this information combined allows me to bring our vision to life.

Can I request changes to my commissioned painting?

During the painting process I send along progress photos that we can chat about and make necessary adjustments like colours and small composition changes. Once the painting is complete, there is another opportunity to make small changes before the painting is varnished. When the painting is approved, signed and varnished, there can be no changes. 

Do you accept refunds or returns?

There are no refunds or exchanges on commissioned paintings.