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Taylor Lasher is an emerging young artist living and creating in an Ontario beach town called Southampton. She has always had the desire to create even from a young age and has continued to pursue her passion to create.

Taylor is a cancer survivor and open-heart warrior. These experiences have heavily shaped not only who she is as a person but the art she creates.


In 2015, Taylor battled a rare form of bone cancer and ultimately underwent major surgery to remove her entire right scapula as well as the surrounding muscle. This surgery changed her life in many ways as she had to learn to do things differently, including how she paints.

"My surgery restricts the mobility of my right arm. Being right handed I had to learn to do a lot of things differently in my life, including painting. I've adapted to painting with both my left and right hands."


Four years later she also underwent open-heart surgery. Today, Taylor is currently living cancer free and managing her health each day. 


"I feel very blessed to live this life, share my artwork and story to help others and bring joy to your homes."



Through Taylor’s artwork, she hopes to invoke feelings of resiliency that can be found both in human nature and in the world around us. She connects deeply with the strength, power and peace that can be found in the mighty waves of Lake Huron or the way a flower continues to bloom after each season. 



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First Collection of Florals Launched on Taylor Lasher Art


Second Collection of Florals Launched on Taylor Lasher Art


"Resilience and Revival" Exhibition Show at Southampton Arts


'Living Water Collection' Launched on Taylor Lasher Art


"Life in Waves' Solo Exhibition at Southampton Arts

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