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Taylor Lasher is an emerging self-taught artist specializing in acrylic works on canvas. Living and creating in Saugeen Shores is this coastal artist's dream. Lake Huron brings Taylor a humbling comfort and peace amidst the storms of life, inspiring the artworks she creates.


“From peaceful waters to powerful waves, I am continually inspired by the many moods of water.”

In 2015, at 18 years old she was diagnosed with bone cancer, resulting in surgery to remove her entire right shoulder blade and muscle. The surgery left her with mobility restrictions of her dominant arm. Taylor had to learn to do most things in life differently, including how she physically paints.

"My surgery restricts the mobility of my right arm. Being right handed I had to learn to do a lot of things differently in my life, including painting. I've adapted to painting with both my left and right hands."


Four years later she also underwent open-heart surgery. During her recovery, she began painting and sharing her work online. 

“I turned to painting as a form of therapy and it continues to fill my life with peace, comfort, and purpose.”



Through Taylor’s artwork, she hopes to invoke feelings of resiliency that can be found both in human nature and in the world around us. She connects deeply with the strength, power, and peace that can be found in the mighty waves of Lake Huron or the way a flower continues to bloom after each season. 

A Note from Taylor

"It is by the grace of God that I am living today. He has guided me to this incredible path where I have the opportunity to share my story and artwork with others. Being able to connect with people through stories and artwork is the most fulfilling part of being an artist. I am so grateful and blessed by your stories - how you connect to these paintings and chose to make them a part of your home leaves me deeply moved. Thank you."     - Taylor Lasher

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'The Call of Water' Solo Exhibition at Southampton Arts


"Life in Waves' Solo Exhibition at Southampton Arts


"Resilience and Revival" Exhibition Show at Southampton Arts


First Collection of Seascapes Launched on Taylor Lasher Art


First Collection of Florals Launched on Taylor Lasher Art

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